The inferior alveolar artery is a branch of the maxillary artery. It runs with the inferior alveolar nerve as it descends through the infratemporal fossainfratemporal fossaThe infratemporal fossa is a complex space of the face that lies posterolateral to the maxillary sinus and many important nerves and vessels traverse it. It lies below the skull base, between the pharyngeal sidewall and ramus of the mandible. › articles › infratemporal-fossaInfratemporal fossa | Radiology Reference Article | and enters the mandibular canalmandibular canalMandibular canal is located within the mandible and contains the inferior alveolar nerve, artery and the vein. It starts at the mandibular foramen, on the lingual side of the ramus, continues on buccal surface of body of the mandible and ends at the mental foramen, adjacent to the second premolar. › cases › mandibular-canal-1Mandibular canal | Radiology Case | and supplies mandibular teeth. In the region of the first premolar it bifurcates into the incisive and mental branches

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