MRTS INC. is proud to announce the three year lease purchase of RandomCheque™software by International Brain Solutions, Inc.  RandomCheque™software interfaces with various mobile electronic devices, and can administer assorted medical tests for patient diagnosis and monitoring.  For more information about RandomCheque, please email us at

Dynamic Bio Feedback Products

Our interactive biofeedback products assist the doctor in the management of stress related issues for a given patient. The products provide the doctor the ability to immediately and proactively interact with a patient that is experiencing stress in their life regardless of the time and place the patient experienced the stressor(s).

Mental Rehabilitation Training Software (MRTS)

Our products assist the doctor in the management of the patients cognitive rehabilitation plan. The doctor has the ability to use parameters that tune a given product to the patients abilities, needs, sensitivities, gender, age, and culture.

Useful Tools
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