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"Our testing methodology creates the model that sets the standard for cognitive rehabilitation."
  • Our tests allow for tailoring the examination to the patient’s needs, abilities, sensitivities, and limitations.
  • Our tests elicit the patient’s maximum output via the various awards they may receive.
  • Our tests allow examiners to use assessment tools in a sensitive and resourceful manner by adapting them to suit the patient’s condition.
  • Our tests support all neuropsychological examinations. The tests may be conducted for aid in diagnosis, help with care, and planning to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment technique, or to provide information for legal research.
  • Our tests are able to be standardized to support large or small groups of patients.
  • The patient can take their tests as an inpatient, outpatient, at home, or at an approved training center.
  • Any doctor can collaborate with others by using our secure HIPPA approved network.
  • Our tests are designed to be patient centered, ethnic and culture sensitive.
  • Our tests guarantee consistency of testing, the collection of test results; as well as, secure and accurate collection of all test data and error results.
  • Our tests embrace flexible, open, and Imaginative approaches to support the enormous variety of neurological conditions, patient capacities and needs for any examination purpose.
  • Our tests support the Clinical and Research Protocol.
  • All of the captured test data is collected by an accurate and secure process.
  • Any test that has been created by one of our doctors can be integrated into our testing methodology.
  • Approved entities such as NIH, sponsors, government and state agencies may access our data warehouses and Data Marts.

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